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Raw Weddiing Cake

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Are you ready for a divine dessert delight that is good for you? Many people think the delectable, raw desserts at Enchanted Foods really are magical! With sweet, creamy smooth textures th at melt in your mouth, and rich, full-bodied flavors that dance on your tongue, you won't believe you're not eating a traditionally baked or cooked dessert. Enchanted Foods desserts also contain no flour, eggs, or dairy products of any type! Organic raw honey combined with stevia are the only sweeteners we use, insuring that even people needing to limit their intake of glucose sugars can enjoy the heavenly desserts of Enchanted Foods. We strive to present you with the delicious tastes and textures that you're familiar with but prepared without cooking or heating.
Our unique preparation preserves all of the natural enzymes and vital nutrients that are usually destroyed in the cooking process. Only the highest quality organic ingredients are used to give you a totally nutritious dessert from wedding cakes to after dinner pleasures. In fact, forget dessert- eat it for breakfast!
Please check out our Gallery of Desserts. They taste as good as they look!