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"I have started testing the goods you left me. I am again totally amazed. These are wonderful. It is hard to believe they are truly healthy for you."

Chris Biro

Whidby Island, WA

"OMG! I can't believe I'm eating something healthy! I've eaten a lot of "health foods" in my life and especially when it comes to desserts, they often taste like cardboard, however your desserts not only look mouth-watering good but are unbelievably delicious! I would never know that I'm not eating something baked or cooked by the taste and texture. Mmm mmm good! Keep up the good work!"

Talia Brooks

Port Townsend, WA


"I bought one of your cakes for the women in my family for Mothers Day and everyone absolutely LOVED it. They were amazed that it was all good ingredients and nothing processed. Keep up the good work."

Sharron Wiggins

Port Angeles, WA



Lavender Festival 2010 prompted me to ask Sumara to try using "Lavender" in my dessert order. What a divine success!  My guests were a little trepidatious at first with their forks.  But as we all took our first bite together, the room fell silent as we indulged in two very scrumptious desserts!!

Pam Upchurch

Sequim, WA


"Okay, I have to comment on the Lavender Cheesecake.  We served it up to our guests who all admired the absolute beauty of it but thought they would have to be brave to taste it.  At first they tasted slowly, adjusting to the new flavor of lavender, but it was green light from there and they polished it off.  As always, smooth creamy texture and very delicious!"


Debbie King

Sequim, WA


I purchased several tortes from Enchanted Foods for a social event and was so pleased that my guests loved them! The Chocolate Caramel Turtle and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Tortes were hits, but the favorite was the fabulously, creamy Raspberry Cream Torte. It was wonderful!!! Friends were amazed that the desserts were gluten-free, raw and so delicious, but still so healthy. Thank you Sumara!!!

Penny Williams

Sequim, WA



It [Afternoon Tea & Class] was EXCEPTIONAL!!! Truly, what an amazing experience! The presentation was beyond beautiful, so welcoming.....it gave a very special 'feel' to the event. Fit for royalty! The colors were very warm and enlivening at the same time. Eating what we were learning to prepare was a fantastic idea. We were using more of our senses by doing that which made for a very wholistic learning experience. The desserts themselves were extraordinarily deeeeeelicious and so beautiful! I'm sure I ate more than what my body was prepared for! :)


Janai Lowenstein

Ashland, OR