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Sumara Elan Love, Nutrionist and Raw Rood Chef Extraordinaire!Sumara Elan Love developed an early zest for creating original culinary delights when her mother gave her free reign of the kitchen beginning at a very young age. With a penchant for sweets, Sumara delighted in dreaming up one dessert recipe after another and using the neighbor kids as enthusiastic taste-testers. As she matured her interests expanded in the recipe development arena expanded to include many non-sweet culinary creations.

In 2000, after learning for the first time about the big prizes awarded in cooking contests, Sumara decided to enter the biggest upcoming contest, a national search for the “Best Pizza Recipe in America.” Though a vegetarian herself, she realized most of the taste testers would be meat-eaters. She decided to create a vegetarian pizza that by it's unique ingredients would also have a hearty appeal for meat eaters. Her secret was smoked vegetables on a white sauce pizza. After three rounds of judging over a period of several months, Sumara's recipe was selected as the “Best Pizza Recipe in America”, from over 20,000 entrants in the contest. As a reward, she was given the grand prize, plus an all-expense paid trip to Disney World for the whole family!

In 2003, Sumara and her family made the switch to a mostly raw food diet. Her excitement was high as she looked forward to the new genre of recipes she could create. After preparing many of the published recipes for raw foods she realized something more was desperately needed. Though raw foods were nutritious and filling they often lacked the familiar tastes and textures that people are used to.

With characteristic enthusiasm and determination Sumara set out to create 100% raw food entries, breakfast foods, hor d'oeuvres, soups, salads, side dishes and desserts, that were packed full of raw nutrition and mimicked the tastes and textures of the cooked and processed foods and desserts most people were accustomed to eating. Now when guests come over unless you tell them it's raw, they'll never know.

The ultimate test of raw food culinary creation has remained her first love: desserts. Sumara did many experiments and tried many raw ingredient mixture combinations, seeking to find the perfect harmony of familiar taste and texture. Her final success is nothing short of amazing. Check out the pictures in her gallery of desserts. In every aspect from appearance, to texture, to flavor, Sumara's raw food desserts seem as familiar and delicious as your favorite traditional dessert, only better! After tasting one of her famous desserts, like the the Mocha Hazelnut Cream Delight, or the Raspberry Cream Pie, or her melt-in-your-mouth Raw Chocolate Truffles, most people think they have just been pleasured by one of the most astounding desserts they have ever eaten. Tell them it is all raw, with no flour, eggs, dairy, sugar or cooking, and it seems to become an ambrosia of the Gods.

Sumara is currently working on her latest book, Divinely Decadent Raw Food Desserts, where she will share the recipes to many of her most famous desserts. She also periodically holds extravagant raw foods Afternoon Tea events, where participants learn how to make all the taste sensations they are eating! You can check out pictures from past Events and sign up for upcoming Events by contacting her.